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Tenda Switch Best Price in Bangladesh

Tenda is the first Chinese home-grown network devices manufacturer. Currently, Tenda is now the dominant networking device manufacturer and supplier around the world. We Have Various Types Of Tenda Network Switches.
  • 5-port network switch: Ethernet Switch, Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE
  • 8-port network switch: Ethernet Switch, Gigabit Desktop Switch, Gigabit Desktop Switch With 8-Port PoE
  • 9-Port network switch with 8-Port PoE: Desktop Switch, Fast Unmanaged Switch, Gigabit Desktop Switch
  • 16 port network switch: Desktop Switch
  • 16 port PoE network switch: Gigabit/SFP Slots Switch, 16FE+2GE/1SFP Smart Switch
  • 24 port network switch: Ethernet Switch, Ethernet with 4 Shared SFP PoE Managed Switch
  • Tenda 8G+2SFP Managed PoE Switch
  • Tenda 24FE+2GE/1SFP Smart Switch With 24-Port PoE